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Mia Danielle
May 23, 2004

7-20-08:  Miss Mia is a big 4 year old now (wow, I have not updated in a while!).  She completed her first year of pre-school with flying colors.  She loved it and had the best teacher! She also completed her first year of ballet and tap.  She did wonderful and really enjoyed the recital  Over the summer she and Mason took a 4 week tap class, Mia took a 6 weeks Princess ballet class, and both are about the start a 4 week Disneyland Tap class.  Mia and Mason will begind pre-school on Sept at a new school, A Step Ahead Academic Academy (thanks Kim for telling us about it!).  We are all very excited for the new school.  

10-31-07:  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Our little girl is getting so big!  In September she  started pre-school, she goes 2 days a week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-1pm.  She goes to a private Christian School.  She LOVES it!!!  She really loves all the art projects, specifically the PAINTING.  She participated in her first bike-a-thon, and got tons of sponsors!  THANK EVERYONE!  She's got new friends, and is having a blast.  Mia also started fall ballet and tap classes one night a week.  She LOVES that too!  She will have a recidal in May.  Since living at Nana's house she has become good friends with Leah, who lives next door.  Mia and Leah and only a week apart.

5-23-07: Mia turned 3 today!  She spent the day at neighbor, Dawn's House (mommy was in Madera with Papa), and came home in the afternoon.  She had her ballet class (birthday present from Bema and Papa) and then went to John's Incredible Pizza with mommy, daddy, Mason and Nana.  She also opened a few FUN presents!  We can't belive how old she has gotten!  Mia is growing into such a wonderful little girl.  We reciently toured a school for her (Big Valley Christian School) which Mia will be starting soon.   She loves ballet, dancing, atrs and crafts, reading, and cooking.  She still loves playing with her friends, going to the park and playdates.  She is very much into clothes and shoes!  She is 99% potty trained (all but at night), and is becoming more independant.

4-3-07:  Mia is 34 months now, or, less then 2 months from becoming a 3 year old!  She is now potty trained (YAY) and sleeps in her big girl twin bed!  Her vocabulary is impressive, she always has something to say.  She also got her own computer not long ago, and loves that.  She still loves to read, play with her friends, cook (we bakes LOTS of cakes), and she also celebrates her birthday almost daily!!!

10-6-06:  Mia has become addicted to Library Story time.  She asks to go to the library, and when we get there she goes crazy!  She loves the story time, and participates in every song, story, movement, etc. that they do.  She will sit right up in the front, just inches from the story leader, while Mason and mommy sit in the back!  When story time is over she begs to go look at books!  She also loves books so much that each night when she goes to bed she has to have at least 3 books in her crib with her and we have to leave the light on so she can read - AND, she actually does lay there and read her books for a little while before she falls asleep.

8-14-06:  Mia is almost 27 months old now.  She has become very independent lately.  Her speach is blossiming every day, she has so much to say!  She knows her colors, shapes and is working on letters.  She loves reading (she even reads to Mason).  She follows instructions pretty well (most of the time, she does have a stubborn streak!), and is very helpful to mommy.  She loves to play with her friends, and her best friend is Trevor.  Mia and Trevor seem to have a very special bond!  She also loves to talk on the phone, especially to Bema and Papa.

5-23-06:  Mia has turned 2 years old!  The last 2 years have gone by so fast, we cannot belive our baby girl is so old!  She celebrated with 2 parties.  She had a party for her friends at My Gym (which Mia goes to weekly classes at), and a family party at home.  Her development is impressive.  She speaks sentences, can count to 20 (well, she misses 4 and 5 sometimes) and knows all of her colors.  One of her favorite presents was her new Boat Sandbox from Nana, Bema and Papa.  She LOVES it!
4-13-06:  Mia is almost 23 months!!!  YIKES, these last 2 years have flown by.  She has definatly entered the "terrible two's".  One of her favorite words is "mine". But, along with her new vocabulary has come several new sentences, all very sweet and cute!  She also is very good at saying "please", "thank you" and "sorry".

3-7-06:  Mia is 21 months old now.  She is talking really well now, saying 3-4 word sentences!  She is growing up so fast, we are in awe everyday.  Her newest thing is that she aparently wants to potty train, so that is an adventure.  Her favorites things right now are The Wiggles, books, puzzles, washing dishes (not kidding!) and playing with her playgroup friends.

11-2-05:  Mia is 17 months old now.  She just gets funnier and funnier every day!  She really enjoyed Halloween.  She handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters and just loved every minute of it.  She is learning new words every day, we can't belive how fast she is learning them.

9-1-05  Mia is 15 months old now.  Her personality is so developed, she is her own person now. She's had her hair cut - she went in a baby and came out a little girl.  The day Mason was born, Mia suddenly wasn't so small anymore.  She has continued to change so much every day.

Mia's Stats:

Born:  May 23, 2004 @ 9:50am

Weight:  7 pounds 15 ounces

Length: 19 1/2 inches

More on Mia:

Growth Chart


Mia's Favorite Things

School,art, dance, playgroup, reading

eating mushrooms, rice, salami and orange juice

playing with Mason and playgroup friends

working on her computer


Mia age 4

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